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This page contains links to inform on subjects like: A collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests; Thomas Jefferson said, "Those who expect to be ignorant and free expect what never was and never will be."; Promoting citizen-based agendas for global affairs; Revoke Corporate Corruption of Democracy; Discussion, debate on philosophycal issues; Common Dreams - Breaking news and views for the progressive community; The Independent Media Center - a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth; This group has been formed to represent the little people, in journalism and media; Information for and about nonprofits; An independent research and media group of progressive writers, scholars and activists committed to curbing the tide of 'globalisation' and 'disarming' the New World Order; The A-Infos Radio Project Media Catalog System - grassroots broadcasters, free radio journalists and cyber-activists; WorkingForChange is a comprehensive Web site made up of breaking news and resources for people with progressive values; MAKING CONTACT, a weekly international radio program for International Internet Activism; the DOSSIER - Exposing corruption on a grand scale. Films, lectures, documentaries and mainstream news web articles. Check out the evidence for yourself; Original music, spoken word, "Sound Art," audio documentaries or other program ideas; Think &. Ask; news for challenging times;, We Know You Want to Know; Resources about Cognitive Science, Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, Rock Music, New Age Music, Electronica, Cinema, Travel, Literature, Fiction, Internet, Object Orientation; International Forum on Globalization, exposure of issues and identify alternatives; There are two sides to every story, what happened, and; Harper's Magazine, featuring the internationally renowned HARPER'S INDEX; Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry, 911 conspiracy theories, 911 conspiracy theory, 911, 9-11, 911 hoax, 911 missile, 911 truth, 911 pentagon, 911 coverup, 911 evidence, september eleventh
Quotes and links to great quotes like: "The earth is not ours; it is a treasure we hold in trust for our children and grandchildren and their children" African saying, Kofi Annan    "Be the change you want in the world" Mahatma Ghandi    "Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever was" Margaret Mead    "... how conversation changes the way you see the world, even changes the world." "...throughout history, ordinary people have suddenly come out with the most amazing statements when they find courage. What matters most is courage" Theodore Zeldin, 1998    "We have flown in the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes but we have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers and sisters." Martin Luther King    "When you look at a massive problem, it is good to remember about eating an elephant. There is only one way to do it: one piece at a time. The sea is vast but the sea is just drops of water and each drop counts". Archbishop Desmond Tutu